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Sep 26, 2018
Describe yourself in 3 words:
Understanding, Friendly, Strict
What is your greatest strength? I would say that my biggest strength is the ability to listen to other players. I feel this will help make informed and fair decisions when punishing a player. It may also be helpful when just talking or trying to help a fellow player.
What can you improve upon yourself? I believe I can always improve on my ability to communicate. Communication is an extremely useful skill to possess in the real world, as well as online.
What will you bring to the table as Staff? I feel as though I can bring a good deal to the staff on Flame. I have a good understanding of most in-game functions, so I am sure that I could handle most in-game issues. I also have a very flexible schedule. This allows me to be online at least a little most days. I am in the US so I will be most available during afternoon and early evening hours. Additionally, I have a comprehensive understand of the rules, and am confident I could enforce them accordingly. I would love to join the staff at Flame and I thank you for considering my application.
Background Info
IGN: KeeperG
Discord Username: (e.g. pizza#0001): GWhite67
Are you currently in our discord?: Yes
Age: 15
Current Playtime Rank: Expert
Previous Usernames/Accounts: None
Have you been previously banned? No
Requested Server: RPG

Previous Staff Experience
Server/Network Name:
Rank Achieved: None
Time as Staff: None
Responsibilities: None
Website (if available): N/A
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